Logging a Vehicle Service

Once a vehicle service has been completed, you should log the details of the service performed. Doing so resets the interval between the completed schedule for that vehicle, and prevents unwanted overdue schedule messages being triggered.

These historical logs are also useful for keeping track of all scheduled maintenance tasks completed on your vehicles or assets, including where and when the service was performed; the vehicle's odometer and engine hours at the time of the service; and the parts, labor, tax, and total cost of the service.

To log a new vehicle service:

1.Click the Vehicles link on the menu. The Vehicles tab opens, displaying a list of your vehicles.

2.Locate a specific vehicle. Enter all or part of its VIN number or name in the Filter field then press the Enter key. You can also select a specific vehicle model, make, or year from the filter tree in the left panel. When you click the vehicle in the list, its details are displayed in the right details panel, along with a map showing its current location, its driver's name, the driver's telephone contact details, and the nearest service center to the vehicle
3.Click the Service History link in the right panel. The details panel lists every service previously logged for the selected vehicle. To edit a previous service log, click the Action menu beside the service log then click Edit or, to delete it, click Delete.

To log new services from the Schedules tab on the details panel, select a schedule type then click the Log Service link. This automatically populates the Service Type field of the Log Service dialog box.


4.Click Log Service. The Log Service dialog box opens.

5.Enter the details of the service that was performed on the vehicle into the Log Service dialog box:

oService Type - These are the service types available to select from, for example, "Major, "Minor" or "Oil Change", configured from the Service Types screen.
oDate - This is the date on which the service you are logging was carried out. Type a date into the field, or click the calendar icon to the right of the field to open a date picker tool.
oTime - This is the time of day that the service you are logging was completed on the vehicle, in increments of 15 minutes.
oOdometer - The number of miles on the vehicle odometer at the time of the service.
oEngine On - The total number of engine running hours logged by the vehicle at the time of the service.
oLabor - The labor cost of the service in dollars, based on cost per hour, duration of service, and number of technicians.
oParts - The total cost of the parts and consumables used in the service, in dollars.
oTax - The tax component cost of the service, in dollars.
oOther - Any costs relating to this service not covered under parts, labor, or tax, in dollars.
oDiscount - Any discount amount applied to the service cost.
oService By - The technician or company that performed the service.
oNotes - Any notes related to the service.

Any discount applied to the service must be equal to or less than the combined cost of labor, parts and tax. A negative total cost is not permitted.


6.Click Save. The new service log is displayed in the right details panel.