Managing Existing Road Edits

Manage Edits Tab

To view or edit existing road edits, open the Map panel from the Main section of the navigation bar, then click the Road Edits button Fleet > Speed Editor menu button in the upper toolbar. Select the Manage Edits tab.


Allow map view to refine results: Select this option to display only those streets or street segments that are visible on the currently displayed portion of the map. The list is not updated dynamically if you pan the map away from the street segments displayed in the selection list. Click Refresh to update the selection list.


Edit Selected: Opens the Road Edits dialog box for all street segments that have a check box selected beside them. The dialog box displays all attributes that have been edited with corresponding values and allows you to make changes or add further attributes and values.


Restore Defaults: Resets all attributes for the selected streets and street segments back to the values specified in the base map data. The street segments are removed from the selection list, because they no longer contain any edits.


Advanced Filter: Displays the Filter Controls described below, allowing you to refine the list of road edits displayed in the selection list.


Refresh: Updates the road edits that are displayed in the selection list.


Selection list: Contains the street segments that have been previously edited, grouped by the edit that was made on the street segments, for example, "Speed Limit: 20 mph". The number in brackets states the number of segments that were edited.


Filter Controls: These controls allow you to narrow down the list of road edits that are displayed in the selection list. The options are:

Edited between - Use the calendar controls to specify a date range to limit the road edits that are displayed.
Edited by - Select a user whose road edits you want to display.
Attribute edited - Select the type of road edit to display, one of these options: Speed Limit, Road Status, Height Limit, Weight Limit, Width Limit, Length Limit, or Any.


Apply Filter: Narrows down the road edits in the selection list according to the options specified in the filter controls described above.


Edit: Opens the Road Edits dialog box for this particular street segment.

You cannot make changes to global road edits, which are available as part of the map data that you got from Verizon Connect.