HOS Unassigned Miles Reports

HOS unassigned miles reports show trips that do not have a driver assigned to them within a selected time frame.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS unassigned miles reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover.
Vehicle - Which vehicles to include. You can select specific vehicles, or an entire fleet.
Minimum Distance Threshold: The minimum distance of the trips to include in the report.

Report Columns

The columns of an HOS unassigned miles report are as follows:

1.Vehicle: The name of the vehicle.
2.Trip Start Time: The date and time the trip started.
3.Trip End Time: The date and time the trip ended.
4.Duration: The duration of the trip.
5.Distance: The distance of the trip.
6.Category: The reason for the trip not being assigned. One of "Personal", "Yard", "Unknown" or "Maintenance".