HOS Sensor Failure Reports

HOS sensor failure reports show information about sensor failure events, which occur when the connection between a driver's vehicle diagnostics and the server is lost. There are two methods for tracking vehicle diagnostics: VaaH (vehicle as a hub) boxes and GPS.

Report Settings

The options specific to HOS sensor failure reports that you can set are as follows:

Time Frame - Which time frame to cover. The report includes all sensor failures that were active within the selected time frame. It also includes sensor failures that started before or ended after the selected time frame, as long as they were active for some of the period within the selected time frame.
For example, if you select "Today", sensor failures that started some time yesterday and ended some time today are included in the report.
Driver - Which drivers to include. You can select specific drivers, one or more teams, or an entire fleet.

Report Columns

The columns of an HOS sensor failure report are as follows:

1.Driver: The name of the driver.
2.Start Time: The date and time the sensor failure started.
3.End Time: The date and time the sensor failure ended.
4.Duration: How long the sensor failure lasted (displayed in the format MM:SS).
5.Vehicle: The vehicle the driver was assigned to when the sensor failure occurred.
6.Install Type: Either "VaaH" or "GPS", depending on whether the vehicle has a VaaH device installed or uses GPS to track vehicle movement.
7.Reason: The reason for the sensor failure: for example, "VaaH Connectivity", if there was a problem with the connection between the VaaH device and the vehicle.