Adding Vehicles, AEMP Assets, and Devices to Your Account

To add a new vehicle, an AEMP vehicle or asset, or to request new asset tracking devices, follow the steps described below.

Connect Vehicles

To connect a new vehicle:

1.Click the Connect Vehicles tab, or click the Connect Vehicles button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Connect New Vehicles and Services screen opens.

2.Click the Connect Vehicles button to install hardware on a standard vehicle (whether using OEM factory-fit hardware or hardware supplied by Verizon Connect). The Connect Vehicles Wizard opens at step one of five.

3.Type the 17-character VINs of the vehicles you wish to add to your account into the top text field. Enter one VIN per line. Alternatively, if you have created a CSV file that contains VINs, click the Choose File button then locate and select the VIN CSV file. Note that VINs for vehicles that have already been added in the past, and that have not been removed, are rejected and cannot be added.

4.Click the Next button. Your VINs are uploaded, and the wizard moves to step two.

5.The Add Vehicles screen opens, and displays the details of the vehicles you want to add, including their names, VIN numbers, makes, models and years, the details of the services that are being requested and if they are prepaid, and the total price of adding the vehicles. These details might take a moment to be displayed as the vehicle VINs are processed.

The Name field for each vehicle is populated automatically using the formatting "Veh [VIN]" (for example "Veh 1G1RF6E58DX187953"). Click the Edit icon to the left of a vehicle name or VIN to edit either. To remove a vehicle from the list, click the Delete icon to the left of the vehicle's VIN. If there is a problem, for example if the vehicles have already been added in the past, a VIN is not recognized, or a server connection error has prevented a VIN from being validated, an error message is shown below the vehicle VIN in red text and the Next button is disabled. In this case try again, or remove the affected VINs.

The grid columns shown on this page are:




The vehicle's unique 17-character Vehicle Identification Number, or chassis number.


The vehicle's name or tag.


The vehicle's factory-fit hardware. Only available for OEM equipment, for example, "OnStar" (GM).


The vehicle's year of manufacture.


The vehicle make and model.


The platform product level the vehicle will be provided with. Either "Standard" or "Professional".


The number of months of prepaid service the customer paid their dealer for, or which the vehicle came with.


The price of the service over the subscription period (only shown when not prepaid).


6.Click the Next button if your actions can be completed using the wizard (if the Next button is not available, you might need to remove one or more vehicles, or contact your representative by telephone or email to complete your order). The wizard moves to step four, and the Checkout page is shown.

This page lists the details of any one-time fees, recurring monthly payments, the services that you have requested, and the total cost of the transaction. Read through the summary and confirm that all details are correct. Scroll down the page, then enter your credit card details and read and accept the terms of use. Note that if your account is configured for bill-by-invoice or prepaid, the credit card payment section is not shown and the requested services that are billable are added to your normal invoice.

The payment page of the wizard automatically uses the credit card details provided for your previous transaction, if any, if no details are entered.


7.Click Next to process the order. Once the order and credit card payment have been verified, the Confirmation page opens. Click Finish to return to the first step of the wizard. Click the Orders tab to see the order you just placed. It has an initial ticket status of "In-progress". To check the progress of individual vehicles in the order, click the order number row.

Connect AEMP Assets

To connect a new AEMP vehicle or asset equipped with OEM hardware that complies with the AEMP connectivity standard:

1.Click the Connect Vehicles tab, or click the Connect Vehicles button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Connect New Vehicles and Services screen opens.

2.Click the Connect AEMP Assets button to install to a John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, or Volvo vehicle or asset that includes OEM factory-fit hardware using the AEMP connectivity standard. The Connect Vehicles Wizard opens at step one of five.

3.Select the vehicle OEM type you are connecting.


If you are adding a Komatsu, Caterpillar, or Volvo vehicle, enter your AEMP credentials and, optionally, a simple free-form tag to the "Asset Tag" field. This tag is used to help identify any vehicles you add here elsewhere in the platform (for example, using the filtering system in the Hierarchy). If you have previously entered any credentials on this screen, these are also available for you to select from the top drop-down list. Any tags used previously are also shown in the "Asset Tag" field when an existing set of account credentials is selected. Click the Go button to see a list of available serial numbers.

If you are connecting a John Deere vehicle or asset, click the Connect to AEMP 2.0 button. If you are connecting a John Deere vehicle for the first time, a new window opens taking you to the John Deere AEMP login page. Here you are asked to provide your account login details. Once signed in, you are returned to the My Account screen and a list of asset or vehicle serial numbers is shown. If you are not connecting a John Deere vehicle for the first time, your credentials are remembered from your previous visit and you are instead taken directly to the list of your unregistered assets or vehicle serial numbers.


The OEM provides you or your organization with your AEMP credentials at the time an asset or vehicle is purchased. When a valid set of AEMP account credentials is entered into the My Account system, the details of these credentials are saved. If at a later time you want to reset or change your AEMP password or username, you must contact the OEM directly, then update the credentials that have been retained by My Account to match your new AEMP username and password.


4.Select the serial numbers of the vehicles or assets you want to use, then click the Add to Order button in the lower right or upper right corner of the screen.

5.Click Next, accept the terms of service, then click Next again. The assets are now added to your account.

If you are purchasing assets or vehicles from more than one OEM, you are asked to accept the terms of service from each of these OEMs.

Request Asset Tracking Devices

To request one or more Cat-M1 asset tracking devices:

For more information about the Verizon Cat-M1 Enterprise Asset Tracking device, including its technical and physical specifications, see the Verizon Cat-M1 Enterprise Asset Tracker knowledge base page.


1.Click the Connect Vehicles tab, or click the Connect Vehicles button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Connect New Vehicles and Services screen opens.

2.Click the Request Asset Trackers button. The Order New Asset Trackers page opens.

3.Type the number of Cat-M1 Enterprise Asset Tracking devices you want to request into the Quantity field. You can choose between 1 and 1000 devices. Click the checkbox beside "Email me a copy of the order request" to receive an email detailing the number of devices you requested, and the date of your request.

4.Click the Confirm Order button. The order request is submitted to your sales manager. Once the request is submitted, you will be contacted to confirm shipping details and pricing.

5.Click the OK button to return to the Overview screen.