Dynamic Response Data

Information about your scheduled jobs and their status is maintained automatically, and available not just to  Verizon Connect® Response™, but also to other related products such as Verizon Connect® Fleet™ (or compatible telematics SAAS) and Verizon Connect® Mobile™ products such as Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™.

Dynamic Response Suite Data is also available through various APIs to let you develop or commission your own extensions.

Verizon Connect® Fleet™

Response shares the definitions of your depots, drivers, and vehicles with Fleet (or compatible telematics SAAS). This allows you to manage these assets in real time using the Fleet user interface, taking advantage of all the resulting Fleet management features.

Verizon Connect® Mobile™

Mobile uses the same data as Response, so that your drivers are automatically kept informed of the jobs you are managing using Response, and Response can be automatically updated when your drivers use Mobile to update a job status.

If your drivers are not equipped with a Mobile application, job status is maintained automatically by the Job Monitor. If your drivers are equipped with Mobile, you can choose whether to allow your drivers to update status information manually, or whether you prefer to rely entirely on the Job Monitor.