Creating Extensions with Dynamic Response Suite Data

Dynamic Response Suite data is available through a variety of APIs so that you can create your own extensions to Verizon Connect® Response™ or commission professional services to create them for you.

Verizon Connect® Data Exchange™

Verizon Connect® Data Exchange™ (TDE) is an API for automating and extending all Verizon Connect products. This Web Service includes several options, including a SOAP API, a template-based data storage and retrieval system, and a REST Web service. All three branches of this Web Service support working with Dynamic Response Suite Data. For more information, see the help for TDE or contact your Verizon Connect representative.

Custom Reports

If you can download custom report data, Response provides support for an additional custom data source, which lists information about jobs that were scheduled and what your drivers actually did when driving scheduled routes.

InSight Alert Scripts

The InSight Alerts Scripts API includes a number of objects that are designed for writing customized InSight Alerts that concern Dynamic Response Suite data. These include:

ApiRoute - Describes a route that has been assigned to a driver.
ApiJob - Describes a scheduled stop in a route.
ApiJobStatus - Describes information about a job that is deduced by the Job Monitor.

These objects are described in the help for the InSight Alerts Scripts API.