The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard lists the scores of all drivers in your team, and your relative ranking in the team. A leaderboard exists for each scorecard that has been configured for your account.

You can display the Leaderboard screen by tapping the Menu button in the upper left corner and choosing the appropriate scorecard, and then tapping the Leaderboard tab.

The Leaderboard screen contains a list showing the rank of the drivers in your team by their driver score for the period selected. The driver with the highest score is listed at the top, with all other drivers shown below in descending order. Your name is shown in bold text.

Depending on your account settings (configured by your administrator) you either see your name and the names of your colleagues, or you see "You" for your score and "Driver" for your colleagues' scores.

A trend indicator to the left of each name indicates whether the driver's score is higher (as shown by an upward facing green arrow ) or lower (as shown by a downward facing red arrow ) than the score recorded for the previous date period. Drivers without a previous score to compare against have a dash against their name.


If you have access to the team view, you can also see the team leaderboard for each scorecard that has been configured for your account. This leaderboard compares your team with all other teams within your organization.