Coach includes one or more personal scorecards, a leaderboard to rank your scores against your peers, event details including where and when events were recorded, and training videos to foster and encourage improved behavior behind the wheel.

Some users can also access team views, which allow them to view team scorecards, team leaderboards, and personal scorecards for each member in their team.

Coach includes the following screens:

Scorecard - Use this screen to view your current score and learn more about any road safety or fuel economy events recorded while you were driving. If you have team view access, you can use this screen to view your team's overall score and all events recorded against your team members.
Leaderboard - Use this screen to check the ranking of your score among your peers. If you have team view access, you can use this screen to check the ranking of your team against all other teams in your organization.
Training - Use this screen to view training and instructional videos.

The default screen is one of your Scorecard screens:

Changing Screens

When you first open Coach you will see the Scorecard screen. If you have access to more than one scorecard, one of your scorecards is displayed at a time. For each scorecard you can see a Scorecard tab and a Leaderboard tab.

Some users have access to the team view. If you do, you can select whether to view each scorecard for yourself or for your team.

To change between personal scorecards and, if you have access, team scorecards, tap the Menu button in the upper left corner of the screen.

From the menu you can also select Training and Help.

To close the menu tap the relevant menu option, or tap outside the menu.

Changing Date Ranges

When viewing the Scorecard and Leaderboard screens, you can change the date range of the information shown. There are two methods for opening the date range menu:

Tap the Calendar button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Tap on the date range displayed underneath the scorecard name.


Then choose a date range. The screen updates to include trip data recorded over the selected period only. Your driver score data is available for a maximum of two months only.