Viewing Daily Logs

To view the HOS log data for an individual day, go to the Event List screen and tap the button to the right of the daily entry. This brings up a daily event view:


The gray header bar at the top of the screen shows the date you are currently viewing. It also shows a button labeled Certify, which you can use to review and certify the HOS log for the day. If the HOS log has already been certified, the label Certified is shown instead.

The arrow button in the upper left corner allows you to return to the Event List summary screen.

The first table shows a summary of the total time spent in each HOS status that day, and the total number of miles driven.

The second table shows a list of HOS status change events and entries for "Certification" and "Login". The columns contain the following information:

The label for the HOS status that triggered this event.
The event type and the address where this change occurred. For HOS rule exceedance event entries, the HOS rule limit exceeded is listed in place of the address.
The time when the status change or rule exceedance event occurred.
Tap the button to view the details for this event. Events that you can edit have an Edit button in the upper right corner of the Event Details screen. Tap this to make changes to the event, add a comment about the event, or delete the event.

The arrow button in the upper left corner allows you to return to the daily event screen.

In the lower part of the daily event screen, the Add Event button lets you enter events retrospectively. Your administrator must enable support for adding events in your account.