Editing Routes

To edit the details of an existing route:


1.Locate the route in the Routes panel and click the highlighted name of the route. Alternatively, select the route row with your mouse and then click the Edit button on the Routes panel tool bar.
You can edit multiple routes at the same time by selecting the check boxes next to them and clicking the Edit button. Fields that contain different values for the routes display the value "Various". If you change this value to something else, all routes that you are editing get the new value.

2.The Route dialog box opens.

3.Edit the relevant route details under each tab in the Route dialog box:
oOverview - Specify basic information about the route, including its ID, name, start date, assigned driver, and vehicle.
oLocation - Specify the start and end locations of the route.
oShift - Specify the shift start and end times, working time, maximum driving hours, vehicle speed percentage, and stem time management of the route.
oBreaks - Specify the relative or non-relative breaks that you driver will take on the route.
oRouting Settings - Specify routing settings, such as vehicle type, same-side routing, and ferry crossing behavior.
oVehicle Specification - Specify vehicle restrictions for the route, such as dimensions, weight, and hazmat load types.
oTags - Specify custom tags to associate with the route.
oCustom Properties - Add your own customer-defined properties to the route which are shown on the Routes list and can be used to sort the grid.
4.Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to close the dialog box without saving.