Adjusting a Job's Position in a Route

You can adjust the position of a job in a route that has already started, but only to a time between the current time and the planned route end time. If a job has already started, it cannot be edited. See the In-Progress Jobs and Routes in Dispatch Knowledge Base article for information on how to manage jobs on routes that are already in progress. You can also automatically reverse the order of all incomplete, en route and missed jobs in a route if needed. See the Reversing Route Order section for details.

To change the order of a job within a route, for example to move a job that is near the start of a route toward the end of a route, drag the job to a new position in the Route Timeline or the Daily Route panels:

1.Find the job you want to move in the Route Timeline panel, or in the Daily Route panel.
2.Drag the job, moving it slowly left or right within the route timeline panel. Jobs are represented by green, rectangular icons that vertically stretch when a mouse is hovered over them. As you drag the job, a pop-up text window indicates that the job ill be assigned to a new position in the route:

Releasing the mouse will move this job to position 11
3.Release the mouse button at the position you require in the route. The route is updated to reflect the new job order.