Adding Load Information to a Job

You can add load information to a job, specifying how much of the particular capacity metrics that you have defined on the Capacity Metrics screen are loaded and unloaded as part of the job.


To specify load information for a job:

1.Use the date control in the upper left corner of the Jobs List panel to select the date of a job. You can also change day using the left and right arrows to move ahead or back one day at a time:

If the list of jobs is long, use the search control or the status filter to show only jobs of a particular type. Click the control beside Jobs:, and then choose a status from the menu.
2.Click the highlighted name of the job you want to edit in the list, or right-click and select Edit from the contextual menu. The Edit Job dialog box opens:

3.Click the Load tab:


Once you have selected a load type, you can quickly access the capacity metrics editor screen for the load by clicking on the 'details' button () to the right of the load type.

Under the Load summary section you will see a summary of load information for the job detailing the total loading time of the job's load, in hours minutes and seconds. Under the Load section you will also see, and can configure:

Total weight of the job's load and whether the load is delivered or picked up as part of this job.
Up to three additional job load capacity metrics, if these have been configured previously on the Capacity Metrics screen. You can specify the quantity for the metrics and whether the load is delivered or picked up as part of this job.
4.Click the Save button. The load information is saved.