Special Tags

Tags that you define can mean anything you want, as they are a method of adding customized information to vehicles, drivers, and markers.

Depending on your account, you might also have access to special tags that have pre-defined meanings. Special tags are listed in the following table.

The special tags listed below are not available in all accounts. If you want to add support for any of these, see your support representative.




If your account also includes support for Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, assigning a tag with the name "mechanic" to any of your drivers causes Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™ to recognize that driver as a mechanic. When that driver logs in to Verizon Connect® WorkPlan™, a different set of screens are displayed, allowing the mechanic to view inspection reports and sign off on repairs. Mechanics do not have access to the screens for driver tasks such as navigation, hours of service, or jobs.


If your account includes support for separately invoicing parts of the total fleet, you can indicate which vehicles are invoiced to which billing account using "BILL_TO" tags. Each "BILL_TO" tag consists of the string "BILL_TO_" followed by the billing account id. When you assign these tags to a vehicle or to a hierarchy fleet, the invoice for those vehicles is sent to the associated billing account. The invoice for any untagged vehicles is sent to the main billing account.

When using this technique, make sure that the BILL_TO tags are defined using the proper billing account IDs, which are provided by your Verizon Connect representative. Any billing account IDs that are not recognized as belonging to your main account are ignored, and the corresponding vehicles are billed to the main billing account.