Setting Base Markers

To set a base marker for a vehicle or driver:

1.Select the leaf node in the hierarchy tree that the vehicles or drivers you want to manage are assigned to.
2.Click Details panel > Vehicles tab to set a vehicle base marker, or Details panel > Drivers tab to set a driver base marker.
3.Select the check boxes beside the vehicle or driver names that you want to assign an base marker to.
4.Click the More Actions in the Details panel toolbar.
5.Select the Set Base Marker option from the pop-up menu. The Set Base Marker dialog box opens.
This dialog box lets you change the base marker of the selected vehicles or drivers.


6.Expand the Base Marker field drop-down menu and select a marker.
Only markers with a category of "HQ" are shown, or markers with a category that contains depot markers (these are categories that have the Contains depot markers check box selected on the Marker Categories screen).
7.Click OK.