Rollups Page

The Rollups page is used to configure reports that summarize data unique to each account. These reports are run automatically once a day, and typically reuse data calculated for other report types. To view this page, click the Rollups button at the top of the Manage Reports screen.

If you are interested in using rollups, contact your support representative to have rollup tables created and added to your account.


Create Rollup: Click the Create Rollup button to upload a report template (.TRT file) so that it is available for use as a Rollup report. You are prompted to supply a name and description for the report before you can select the report to upload. The uploaded template is added to the list of Rollup reports. Once uploaded, you are asked to specify a start date from which this automated daily report should be executed, and report parameters such as vehicles and drivers to be included in the report.


Delete: Click the Delete button to delete the currently selected rollup report template.


Enable Rollup: Click the Enable Rollup button to add the selected rollup template to the report scheduler. The report will be executed daily from the date specified at the time of its creation.


Navigation controls: Use the navigation controls to move between pages when your list of report templates does not fit on one page.