Generating Custom Report Data

Custom Report data is stored in a .TRR file. Once you download a .TRR file, Verizon Connect professional services can use it to design a report template.

Use this procedure to generate data for any kind of custom report, not just simple custom reports.

To generate and download custom report data:

1.Open the Custom Templates page of the Manage Reports screen.
2.Click the Export Report Data button.
3.The Export Report Data dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to select the type of data you want to report on:


4.Select the type of data you want from the drop-down list and click Run. The Raw Data Export Settings tab opens.

5.Specify the time frame for the report generation, then specify any other options that are displayed for the type of report you are generating.
6.Click Run. The generation of your .TRR file is added to the Data Generation tab of the Reports Queue screen.
7.When the .TRR file is ready, click Download on the Reports Queue screen to save the report data as a .TRR file.