Analytics Report Designer

Analytics report templates can be uploaded and used in the Verizon Connect platform to produce reports covering most aspects of a fleet's day-to-day business activities (using data stored in the analytics server database).

These template files are generated using the Verizon Connect® Analytics Report Designer V2. The Verizon Connect Report Designer is a standalone 'smart client' application based on Microsoft's ClickOnce technology, and deployed from a web location.

This report development tool can be used to create Report templates ( .TRT files). These can be uploaded to the platform server where they are available for everyone in an account to use for generating reports, and scheduled to run automatically. Each report template is analogous to one of the built-in reports: it specifies what data should appear in the report and how it should be laid out. Like the built-in reports, it does not specify details such as output format (PDF, HTML, etc), report settings such as the Fleet, Vehicle, Team, or Driver, or any scheduling information for what time period the report should cover.

The following sections of this guide describe the steps needed to run and use the analytics report designer, generate and style reports, then test/preview and upload them for use by platform users, or local users.